BSH beams - Description

BSH beams

- 4 sides smooth, glued finger jointed layers made from dry timber.

BSH beams use:
  • Construction with big lengths, load and low weight.
  • Building construction, where stability is important.
  • Use in interior and exterior with high requirement on aesthetics.
  • In combination of nature timber and technology of production is possible to use this beams at aesthetics places.
  • Possible use in chemical aggressive environment.

Layer glued beams are certified building material for big constructions and are very strong.

Constructions made from BSH beams are not necessary to impregnate etc. because beams are dried and also because of low wetness is low chance to getrot. (Except from defects caused unprofessional manipulation or bad suggestion of technical side of construction.)

Quality of BSH beams:
moisture: 10% ± 2% toleration
glue used: melamineresinous glue
thickness of layer: for standard use 40 mm
strength specification: GL24 (BS11); GL28c (BS14); GL32c (BS16)
aesthetics specification: good-looking quality (Si); non visibleso called industrial quality (NSi)
weight: 450 kg/m3

Manufacture companies has to carry out demanding requirement for quality and they are controlled by Studiengemeinschaft Holzleimbau e.V. It depends on first testing of company in common, periodical, own and somebody else's control. First and somebody else's control is done by Testing office. Thanks to somebody else's control and giving the sign BSH is confirmed, that the quality is perfect. This control of quality is quite advantage for manufacturer of BSH.

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