BSH beams - Quality

Quality of choice1 NSi - industrial quality (non visible) Si good-looking quality ASi exclusive quality
1 Hard enclosed knot2,3 acceptable acceptable acceptable
2 Fallen out and loose knots2,3 acceptable ø ≤ 20 mm jsou acceptable4

ø > 20 mm is necessary to replace in production4
3 Ruin pocket3,5 acceptable acceptable
to 5 mm
to 3 mm
4 Knots and defective places repaired3 is not necessary acceptable acceptable
5 Knot or ruin pocket repaired with filling materials3 is not necessary acceptable6 acceptable6
6 Insect attack acceptable tunnel
to 2 mm
acceptable holes
to 2 mm
7 Pith acceptable acceptable on visible surface evident of lamellas layers are not acceptable
8 Width of dried cracks3,5,7 no limitation acceptable to 4 mm acceptable to 3 mm
9 Change of discoloration in the impact of blue stain hard red stain and brown rot in lines5 no limitation until 10% of visible surface of all construction pieces unacceptable
10 Mould5 unacceptable unacceptable unacceptable
11 Pollution5 acceptable unacceptable unacceptable
12 Distance of wedge-shaped pivots no limitation no limitation on visible surface of lamellas must be the distance minimally 1 m
13 Surface quality equalizes planed andmoulded, cut from planning are permitted to depth 1 mm planed and moulded, cut from planning are permitted to depth 0,5 mm

1 - divergence of boundary value in lines 2, 3, 6 - 9, 12, 13 is possible to accept as follows
: in case of quality Si are 3 divergences/m2 of the surface
: in case of quality ASi is 1 divergences/m2 of the surface

2 - acceptable size of knotsaccording to DIN 4074

3 - no limitation of quantity

4 - mentioning of diameter of knots correspond mentioning of diameter each knot at cut timber according to DIN 4074 - 1 : 2008 - 12, 5 .1 .2.1.

6 - on request - possibility of repainting with paste

7 - just as cracks might be at all timber products even at this cracks might be

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